unnamed-5My name is Allie and I was born and raised on Long Island, NY (yes, its “on” even though you live “in” Denver), and have since had the pleasure to live and experience life in Florence, Italy; Boulder, CO; and most recently, New York City, where I am now based.

After high school, I thought my horizons needed broadening so I attended college at the University of Colorado. While I loved Colorado, I had the urge to experience a faster pace of life so I moved to New York City. Now I live in an apartment the size of your average closet with my boyfriend, Gregg, and am working to launch my career in Human Resources. My days are spent working in the office followed by making pasta and researching my next vacation spot (much to my boyfriend’s dismay).

I hope you enjoy my website, Life After Five. Here, I share my tips on food, travel and home décor and I hope that it serves as an inspiration to improve your everyday life after work.

Thanks for spending your valuable time after 5pm to read about mine!

additional tidbits about me:

  • I have a painful life as a NY sports fan. I was raised a Mets, Jets and Knicks fan which has led to 15+ years of disappointment and frustration but is of course better than switching sides to the Giants or Yankees.
  • The two most important components of my diet include coffee and pasta (not together, of course).
  • I have never missed an episode of Gilmore Girls or Fixer Upper.