15 mugs for your pumpkin spice latte

Without sounding cliche, my favorite season is fall. I enjoy cozying up by the fire, smelling fresh pies baking in the oven and wearing comfy sweaters and thick socks. Unfortunately, so far the weather in New York is not cooperating with my plans. As I write this, it’s 88° here in New York. Let me repeat that, it’s 88° in New York and it’s almost the end of September.

I’ve decided not to let the weather stop me from moving ahead full-steam with my fall checklist, and one of my favorite fall activities is cozying up next to the fireplace with a big mug of coffee. Of course, an important part of that process is having the right mug. Here are 15 mugs that are begging to be added to your collection this fall.  Read more

what i’m reading & watching: march

Since the clocks sprung forward today I’m already anticipating a groggy feeling tomorrow morning when my alarm goes off. To help minimize this I decided to turn today into a relaxing Sunday so it feels like an appropriate time to share with you all of the media I am ingesting and loving. This is a happy mix of cerebral and light so that you have a book or show to watch whether you need a few diversions for pure entertainment or are looking to get serious. Keep scrolling for this month’s recommendations.  I’d love to hear in the comments what you’re currently reading and watching!

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